Pempek or Empek-Empek Palembang is Indonesian traditional foods from Palembang of South Sumatera, are made from fish and sago. Actually it is difficult to say that the origin of Pempek is Palembang city because almost all areas in South Sumatra produce them.

Serving pempek is accompanied by black-brown souce it called vinegar or Cuko (in Palembang). Cuko is made from boiled water, palm sugar (gula aren), ebi shrimp and crushed chili, garlic, and salt. For indigenous communities of Palembang, Cuko always made spicy to increase appetite. But with the entry of migrants from outside the island of Sumatra is now common sweetness Cuko with those who do not like too spicy. One meal supplement in this unique taste is the fresh cucumber slices. 

The famous type of Pempek is “pempek submarine” ( kapal selam), made of a chicken or duck egg wrapped in batter and then fried in hot oil. There are also others such as pempek lenjer, pempek round (or known as “ada’an”), pempek fish skin, pempek pistel (it’s young slices papaya in spiced stew), pempek small eggs, and pempek curly.

Pempek can be found easily throughout the city of Indonesia and  of course in Palembang. They are sold in restaurants, in the cart, and even now online. And in every school cafeteria We easily find of pempek.

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Pempek Kapal Selam ( submarine, oh what a name!), bundar (round) and kulit ikan (fish skin)

–Evi Indrawanto

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