Indonesia has two types of salads: They are Gado-gado and Pecal. For non-Indonesian people it would need some time to distinguish them. It’s because they look almost the same, both come from different types of boiled vegetables, have served with peanut sauce and sweetened with palm sugar.

Let alone foreigners, for Indonesian people itself there are still many confused though if we asked what the difference between gado-gado and pecal. And sometimes they knew the answered yet it just can’t how to describe it.
The difference between gado-gado and pecel lies about the way they are serving.

Peanut sauce for gado-gado are finely ground and then all of the boiled vegetables are mixed into it. They have a soft texture.While dressing for pecal only coarsely ground and then poured into the top of the vegetables.

Gado-gado and pecal both can be enjoyed as a main meal or used as a side dish for eating rice.