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Harvesting Palm Fruits

Harvesting Palm Fruits. The palm tree (Arenga pinnata) is not only taken its sap for  making arenga palm sugar, the fruit is also used as a food source. Indonesian people called this fruits Kolang-kaling or buah (fruit) ATEP. Mostly they are just used as a mixer in particular type of drink like es campur or es teller. These young fruit is also made of delicious compote and candied fruit.

High market demand for kolang-kaling are approaching Ramadan, the month of fasting. Mostly to make the compote, the most popular dishes for iftar (breakfasting).Farmers will go up a mountain or down the valley to determine which fruit is ready to harvest and which one should waiting for a few more months. For your information the palm tree that going to make Kolang-kaling is different with the tree for making Arenga Sugars.

And this was Arenga farmers who were harvesting their palm fruits…

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